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Consider everything when it comes to Bathroom

When the decoration part comes into play, as everything else this also has to be done in a systematic way. Firstly, lightening has to be considered, as brighter will be the lights more attractive will the bathroom look. Bright and low power consuming LEDs are easily available in the market, which is the first step to the beauty of the bathroom. Adding some of light LEDs in specific spots, e.g., mirror side will go a long way making your bathroom look even more beautiful.

The second thing that has to be considered is the floor; pebbly texture on the floor will not only look good but also feel good to walk upon. Curtains also play a vital role in this, so synthetic curtains can be the best substitute for others as they are water repellent. Mirror can also be framed, in fact it should be framed, as it give a royal look to your bathroom. Granite vanity tops can also be considered, as they give a classy look to the bathroom. Initially they were used in big bucked bathrooms, but now they can be easily and cheaply available in the market. The pots can be electrical, nowadays new e-pots have been introduced, which have proximity sensors in them which automatically open when you get closer. A shower shelf can easily be added while the bathroom is built, it makes it easier to use.